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Do You Sit Behind A Desk All Day?

Do You Sit Behind A Desk All Day?

One of the most common reasons for onward referral to Physiotherapy would be complaints related to sitting at a desk 9-5. Sitting in general is linked to obesity, diabetes and other health conditions. Often we are totally aware we are in a bad posture when we are sitting but are unaware how to correct it or what our desk layout should be like.


  • Headaches

  • Neck discomfort

  • Lower back discomfort

  • Wrist and hand discomfort

Unfortunately, time spent at the gym after work can’t totally counter act the time sat at the desk all day. Try to stick to these few tips to reduce the effects of prolonged sitting and poor desk posture.

  1. Head Up – keep your eyes level with the top of the monitor. If your slouching the monitor may be too low causing you to adopt a poor posture 

  2. Look away – every 30 minutes glance away from your screen and look as far as possible. The close distance to computer screen can affect some people’s eyes causing headaches.

  3. Right angles – keep your bottom back in the chair and keep your lower body 90degrees to your upper body. You may need a foot rest if you struggle with this.

  4. Don’t over stretch – keep your keyboard and mouse close. To avoid wrist and hand overuse injuries take regular breaks and invest in a good supportive pad.

  5. Stand – try to change position every 30mins stand up, move about, walk to the toilet or even stand to have lunch. The more you can stand in between working the better for your circulation.

  6. Team ethos – keep an eye on your colleagues and they will keep an eye on you. Make people aware when they are sitting incorrectly and remind people not to eat lunch at their desk.

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