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More Unusual Ways Of Keeping Active…

How about trying to stay fit and keep active in a more unusual way? Why not explore some of these options……



Canicross is a great way for you and your dog to keep fit and enjoy the outdoors. It is an exciting way to enjoy off road running and there are clubs in East Anglia which allow you to meet others and learn more about the sport. You and your dog are attached to each other by harnesses and a stretchy line and must learn to understand each other fostering a very close bond. The sport enhances strength and stamina and can help maintain a healthy weight. Have fun and get fitter with man’s best friend!


Open water swimming

An ever more popular event with increasing opportunities to seek out safe swim venues and others with a like mind. It is an activity that offers a swimmer a change to pool swimming and requires skills to deal with a totally different and often challenging environment. Whether you swim in open water for pleasure or in competition it is essential to keep safe by seeking local information on the waterway you anticipate swimming in and ensure it is legal. Open water swimming can be exhilarating and a fun way to keep fit. There are lots of clubs and organised group swims now to give you the confidence and knowledge to start on a journey of discovery. The ‘Great Swim Series’ can offer a starting point for those that want to set themselves a training challenge and the outdoorswimmingsociety.com is another source of valuable information and advice.



Ride and run with your bike in events that often take place in parks and in other open air places. This sport can be fun trying to negotiate obstacles over surfaces that can be muddy, sandy, grass or gravel based.  You can encounter steps, steep slopes, tight turns and roots often meaning you have to get off your bike and carry it! Courses are generally short and appeal to all ages.  The British Cycling website is a good source of information and finding out about where you can go to get involved.

If you are new to exercise please see your GP for a health check before you start a new sport

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