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Back To School Lunches!

With the back to school season upon us it is important that we bin those soggy sandwiches and get inspired with exciting and healthy packed lunch ideas! We get it….at the beginning of the school year you are fired up and full of healthy packed lunch ideas and then somehow a couple of months later you are struggling to come up with ideas. Packed lunches are something that should full of healthy nutrients and some of these shocking statistics are guaranteed to make you agree!

  • Only 1.6% of school packed lunches meet nutritional standards

  • Only 1 in 5 lunchboxes contain any type of vegetable or salad

  • 98.4% of packed lunches contain too many snacks and sweetened drinks

With such high-profile awareness campaigns on childhood obesity and evidence linking poor health in adults with obesity or poor diet in children let’s change those statistics and make packed lunches fun and more importantly healthy!

Left Over Dinners Make Great Lunches!

Rule #1 if you are cooking dinner ALWAYS make extra and use for lunches the next day! This is a great time saver and can also save you money (result!). Cook extra meat, pasta, vegetables that can either be eaten cold or reheated the next day, this is a fantastic way of getting extra nutrients in.

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Buy funky, fun and exciting containers to store the packed lunch in, this can keep your child’s interest and can allow you to pack a wide variety of food. Lunchboxes with different sections can allow you to hold a good amount of protein, fruits / vegetables and carbohydrates whilst making them look exciting.


ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, pack fruit or vegetables! The earlier you introduce fruit and vegetables the more likely your child will enjoy them. Fruit and vegetables do not have to be boring, why not cut them into funky shapes, have healthy dips with them such as humus and keep them interesting and colourful!

Variety, Variety and More Variety!

Nothing loses your child’s interest more than giving them the same boring lunch every day…change it up! Keep it interesting, make sure they are thrilled and surprised each time they open their lunchbox. For some great lunchbox recipes and ideas follow these links below:




Thank you for reading!

Abbie Johnson

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