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Is Your Walking Stick Safe?

It takes just a few minutes every so often to check your walking stick is right for you. Taking this action could prevent a fall.

Check that your walking stick is the correct height by standing up and letting your arm hang by your side. The top of the walking stick handle should be at the same height as the wrist bones so that then when you place your hand on the stick handle there is 15 to 20 degrees bend in your elbow allowing you to put just the right pressure through the stick for support.

Check the stick is not bent or that there are loose elements particularly on adjustable or fold up sticks

Check wooden sticks for signs of cracks which could weaken the stick

Check the rubber foot (ferrule) for grip pattern. If it is very worn you need to have a new one fitted. Ferrules come in different sizes so make sure you get one that fits snuggly.


If you are not sure about checking your walking aid for safety please ask a healthcare professional or drop in to see us at the West Suffolk Physio clinic and we would be happy to advise you.

Amanda Fairgrieve, Physiotherapist.

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