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Our Values And Why You Should Choose Us


Happy New Year from all of us at West Suffolk Physio! While most of us are contemplating our new year’s resolutions, I thought I would start 2018 off with a reflective piece about our values and ultimately the benefits of choosing West Suffolk Physio. As part of a recent exercise, we were asked to discuss what we thought our ‘core values’ were. This turned out to be a really useful exercise. We quickly realised we know our values inside out, but how we go about sharing these with the public was another story. Well, what better way to start than by taking the opportunity to talk about them with you in one of our blogs.

Naturally, talking about our values led us to reflect on our journey into the private world. Although being part of the first NHS owned private physio clinic in Suffolk has been an exciting venture, it wasn’t without it’s sceptics in the beginning. Some were concerned that we might somehow lose touch with our NHS values such as those around compassion and commitment to quality care. People questioned how we could make every person count. And for us as clinicians, would it feel as genuine and compassionate working privately? Would the public believe we were as committed to improving people’s lives if they were paying for our service? Well, listening to our team today, I can say with absolute confidence that yes, it can and it does feel every bit as genuine and compassionate, and yes we can and we do make every person count. We can say with pride that we have remained firmly aligned with our NHS values and shall continue to do so.

As we sat there sharing our thoughts and scratching our heads something began to stand out. This venture means more to us than just saying we provide a good quality ‘service’. For us, when people walk through our doors we want to give them a positive experience, and a meaningful one at that. We care about making a difference.  I for one found this not only genuinely humbling, but hugely reassuring to be a part of. 

We want to make a difference…

In an era when buzz words like ‘wellbeing’ and ‘holistic’ have become used so frequently, we understand that fundamentally, people want to be treated as people, and not just a condition. We know there is more to a person than just their symptoms, and we understand that people’s lives extend far beyond their appointment with us. So it matters to each of us that we work alongside people and support them to return to or achieve whatever it is that is important to them.

It matters…

It matters that people want to be seen promptly. We understand that people don’t want to be kept waiting when in discomfort or worried about their symptoms, so we offer a range of appointment times to fit around you.

It matters to us that people are made to feel comfortable and cared for. We pride ourselves on the friendly service we provide, from the warm welcome you receive when you walk through our doors, to the cuppa you can enjoy while you sit and wait. Our clinic provides a quiet yet spacious environment with individual treatment rooms for your comfort and privacy.

It matters to people that they are treated by someone with experience. Our physiotherapists have a range of specialities, each with a number of years clinical experience.

Why Choose Us?

After contemplating our values, we were asked to think about our selling points, or put more simply how people benefit from choosing us. Now, I think I speak for all our team when I say how proud we are of our NHS roots, but a combination of NHS heritage and being British doesn’t always lend itself to being able to sell yourself! However, when we thought about it we realised that actually there are some real benefits to choosing us.

Practical benefits…

  • Easy and prompt access. Located just outside the centre of Bury St Edmunds, with ample free parking, you can skip the traffic and get to us with ease. We also have wheelchair access for those who require it.

  • We will see you promptly. We offer a range of appointment times to fit around you, including same day appointments, meaning you could be seen by one of our physiotherapists within hours.

  • We are competitively priced. Whether you choose to see a physiotherapist, chiropractor, osteopath or acupuncturist, seeking treatment can be expensive. We offer competitive rates to help you manage the cost.

Other benefits to choosing West Suffolk Physio…

  • You can choose from a range of specialities. Our physiotherapists work in a range of specialist areas from sports injuries to neurological conditions, from continence and pelvic health to respiratory care to name just a few. You can choose who you wish to see. Just ask our receptionist for more information or visit our website and read our staff profiles for yourself by clicking here.

  • We’re family friendly. Whether you need a private space to feed your baby, or a safe and calm environment for an elderly relative to receive their treatment, we are here to help keep you and your family healthy.

  • We believe in continuity of care. We understand that building a relationship with your physiotherapist can be an important part of your rehabilitation. We understand that people don’t want to see somebody different every time they come for an appointment.

  • We keep connected. We maintain connections with the local GPs and consultants at the West Suffolk Hospital, and with your consent we can now access your medical records for speed of access to relevant information should we need it.

  • You’re not on your own. We offer free support over the telephone should you require assistance before your next appointment. We also offer free follow up phone calls once you have completed your course of therapy with us.

And finally…

  • You get to be part of something. Any profit made from the money you pay gets reinvested directly back into the West Suffolk Hospital to be used where it is most needed. Following a recent survey, we found that for most people this was a significant reason to choose us.

I have to say I found this exercise really useful for helping us to fully recognise what we provide here at West Suffolk Physio. But I also found it really encouraging. Change can create uncertainty, and for any NHS hospital launching a private service, there can come a certain amount of scepticism and doubt, particularly around motives and sincerity of patient care. But speaking as a clinician, today has certainly reaffirmed my belief in what we are doing and the care we provide. I can only say how proud I am of the team I am lucky enough to be a part of and everything we have achieved so far. I look forward with great excitement to our next steps in 2018, and all the new faces we welcome through our doors.

Zoe Noble, Physiotherapist

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