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New Year, New YOU!

Exercise and diet are a common New Year’s resolution topic.

As a private physiotherapy practice dedicated to supporting people’s wellbeing we love to hear about the goals our clients wish to achieve and engage with them to explore ways of achieving their targets. We encourage them in realising a new healthier lifestyle. Consistently motivated individuals are very successful in achieving what they set out to do, but some can lose sight of their good intentions for all sorts of reasons and fall back into old habits.

If a healthier and happier YOU is what you strive for then the following tips could help you keep on track and make you smile. Remember consistency is key and new habits are not born overnight!

Follow our top tips for a healthy new year:

Have fun with it! Just because you know a particular exercise is good for you doesn’t mean it has to be your thing. Do something you know you are going to enjoy. If you like what you are doing you’re more likely to continue with it. If you are not sure what you will enjoy why not try out a variety of exercise types until you find the one that makes you happy.

Achievable goals! Setting goals are very important; however these can seem very daunting. So why not break down your goals into smaller achievable goals. For example if your goal is to run 5k why not try intervals of walking and jogging to get to the first kilometre, then the second, then the third. Goals can also change as you work towards them.

Don’t let nerves stop you! Having nerves is completely natural. If there is an exercise class that you are nervous about attending why not ask for some more information or go with a friend. The more knowledge and support you have empowers you to feel more mentally prepared and in control.

Finally….treat yourself! Once you hit a goal remember to reward yourself for the hard work. Regular treats guided by a goal can help you reach those milestones faster than you previously thought! 

Please remember, if you are new to exercise please see your GP for a health check before you start a new activity.

Why not speak with one of our Physiotherapists who can support you to achieve your goals in 2020!

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