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Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Who’s in control? Your bladder, or You?

On the day when most couples are cuddling up for Valentine’s day the topic of bladder control might not seem the most romantic on the agenda, but incontinence and problems ‘down below’ can be a huge source of worry and anxiety when it comes to intimacy. At best incontinence is a bit of an embarrassing inconvenience, at worst a debilitating and miserable experience, significantly impacting a woman’s confidence both in and out of the bedroom.

Incontinence is very common affecting at least 1 in 3 ladies (and 1 in 10 men) throughout their lives.  Symptoms can start at different times such as during pregnancy, following childbirth, the lead up to menopause, or following surgery.  But when it comes to talking about ‘down there’ it is still considered by many to be a bit taboo and uncomfortable. Unfortunately this means a lot of women don’t seek help and instead adopt a restricted lifestyle, often becoming isolated and emotionally affected in the process. But Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Zoe, believes it doesn’t have to be this way. “Being a woman can be challenging enough at the best of times. Hormones, periods, childbirth, the menopause –it’s no walk in the park. Incontinence shouldn’t be accepted as just another thing to add to the list. It doesn’t have to be your new way of life.” (Zoe Noble, Pelvic Health Physiotherapist)

If you believe the TV commercials, the answer is a lifetime of wearing ugly, not to mention costly, pads and proudly accepting that this is just part of ‘being a woman’. This is “fake news”. The cause of a lot of incontinence can be attributed to pelvic floor muscle dysfunction (PFD) which in most people is very treatable with a course of physiotherapy. 

But, there is hope. Evidence shows physiotherapy guided pelvic floor rehabilitation can significantly improve these symptoms, giving women back their confidence and a sense of control. So if you are one of the many women out there tired of letting a leaky bladder rule your life, get in touch with one of our pelvic health physiotherapists to find out how physiotherapy can help you.

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