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Spring into the garden with confidence….

As a private Physiotherapy practice dedicated to supporting people’s wellbeing we love to encourage other ways of maintaining both physical and mental health. Gardening can be a great way of maintaining this but we often notice an increase in aches and pains after a good bank holiday session in the garden!

It may be hard to believe that spring is nearly upon us and soon it will be time to dust off those gardening gloves! So here are some tips to ensure you get the most out of your time in the garden minus the unwanted side effects.

Vary your tasks– it’s easy to get carried away wanting to get one particular job done before you move on to the next. Spending a prolonged period of time on one activity is a sure way ending up with sore muscles the next day. Make a list of what you want to get done and plan your day. Using a timer can ensure you stick to your schedule.

Be realistic – Rome wasn’t built in a day (or indeed a Bank Holiday weekend). Remember a garden is always a work in progress.

Break up the work throughout the day – take time for a cuppa and enjoy your garden! This can help to rehydrate as well as giving your muscles and joints a well earned break.

Garden Kneelers are a brilliant (and cheap) invention – these can save untold stressed on your knees. You can even get these with handles which saves you getting all the way down to ground.

“Bend your knees, keep your back straight and keep what you’re lifting as close as possible” – we all know the basics of good lifting, but how many of us do it?

Potting plants on table– it just makes sense! Not everything has to be done on ground level.

For those achy hands – using foam tubing to modify tools can improve your grip and ease discomfort.

Plan ahead with heavy jobs – put your pot where you want it before you fill it up with soil.

Check the ground is soft – take the time after a good rainy period to do your necessary digging and weeding. This cuts the work load in half and could reduce your risk of injuring your back or shoulder.

Don’t work in heat of the day – if we’re lucky enough to see the temperature go up, be sensible. Aim to get any gardening that cannot wait done early in the morning or in the evening when the temperature is cooler.

Why not speak with one of our Physiotherapists who can support you to achieve your goals in 2020.

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