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General Physiotherapy Services

As physiotherapists we treat a wide range of conditions to assist people affected by injury and illness. We see people with acute injury or with longer term health problems as well as promoting wellbeing and being able to give preventative advice.

We take a holistic approach during your assessment and treatment session with us and aim to empower you to manage your health in the longer term too.

We typically treat muscle, tendon, joint and ligament problems and give advice and education related to work, sport and home life activities based on individual assessment and understanding of what you wish to achieve.

A large proportion of our work is with spinal pain and stiffness and joint problems associated with the shoulder, elbow, hand, hip, knee and ankle regions. We also assist clients in their recovery after fracture and joint surgery. However there are also those less common conditions affecting the face, jaw and pelvis and for these we can ensure you see one of our therapists that have a special interest in this area.

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