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At West Suffolk Physio we often use a Pilates exercise approach in rehabilitation programs to enhance recovery and encourage the use of Pilates as a long term investment in maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle.

Pilates is a way of strengthening the body in order for it to function in the best possible way. There are 8 basic Pilates principles:

Concentration – Pilates requires a focussed approach to allow you to move freely and become very much more aware of your own bodies potential

Breathing – A good breathing pattern helps with focus and control of movements. It can also ease tension and areas of pain or discomfort

Centring – Focusses on the ability to control the muscles of the trunk so it can in turn support movement of your spine and other internal systems

Control – Accurate performance of movements makes everyday activities more efficient and comfortable

Precision – The more accurate you are in performing the movements the more you will get out of the exercise in terms of strength and flexibility

Flow – Seamless movement will feel comfortable and is a freeing experience for the body

Integrated Isolations – Practiced harmonious movements of the body using Pilates exercises supports performance of complex daily activities

Routine – Regular practice of Pilates exercises is integral to your success and has a range of benefits to your body and mind

We offer bespoke one to one sessions to ensure that you  get the attention needed to improve and we can modify exercises as needed especially if you are recovering from illness or injury. 

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