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We all take breathing for granted until it ‘goes wrong’. Many people find breathing in a controlled relaxed way a challenge. Chest infections, trauma, anxiety and lung conditions can alter the way we breathe and lead to feelings of ‘air hunger’. Our respiratory service physiotherapists can assist you in improving your breathing using a variety of techniques. These include individual exercises to improve the efficiency of your breathing pattern, inspiratory muscle training, cough suppression management and relaxation strategies. Some find it difficult to breathe due to mucus build up in the lungs. We can show you techniques to clear this effectively and there can be the addition of other respiratory medical devices to use to assist further in sputum clearance.

Sometimes the pattern of your breathing could curtail your sporting aspirations. Be assured there are things to try to improve this and who knows you might just improve on that best time or competition place!

If you think you might benefit from a consultation with one of our respiratory physiotherapists please give us a call and give yourself the chance to breathe more comfortably and effectively. 

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