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Our speech and language team offer specialist assessment and treatment for a range of voice and throat-related conditions, including:

  • muscle tension dysphonia

  • vocal fold palsy/paresis

  • vocal fold nodules

  • aphonia (loss of voice)

  • pre/post laryngeal surgery

  • reflux

  • chronic/paroxysmal cough

  • globus pharyngeus (the feeling of a lump in the throat)

  • Reinke’s oedema

  • spasmodic dysphonia

  • presbyphonia (the ageing voice)


We work closely with ENT (ear, nose and throat) specialists and require referral from them prior to commencing treatment.

What to expect?

Your first session with us entails a thorough assessment with the aim to set goals for future therapy sessions, if further input is required.

We are skilled in a variety of direct and indirect therapy approaches.  Each client will receive an individual specific therapy exercise allowing for the most efficient outcomes in order to maximise your voice potential.


We will help you to:

  • keep your voice reliable and consistent, now and in the future

  • prevent a recurrence of voice/throat problems

  • make your throat more comfortable


When you book a session with us, we will:

  • take a full and detailed case history

  • give a full explanation of your difficulties, identifying pre-disposing factors and factors responsible for maintaining the issue

  • give practical advice to start alleviating your difficulties, from your very first session

We welcome self-finding clients and insured clients.

What else do we offer?

We also offer clinical hypnosis as an adjunct to traditional voice therapy.  Clinical hypnosis helps clients to take control, alleviate or overcome symptoms or a disorder.  It is a safe and effective treatment for a variety of conditions, including:

  • stress and anxiety

  • chronic pain

  • self esteem and self confidence

Hypnosis can be particularly useful for Voice clients as we know that many conditions, such as those listed above, can also have an effect on the sound of the voice. 

If hypnosis is offered alongside Voice therapy, referral will be initiated via an ENT doctor.

We also offer Voice Therapy for Transgender Patients.  Our clients learn how to modify resonance, intonation and pitch to achieve voice feminisation. 

Referrals are initiated by a confirmed diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria.

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