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Movement Snacks!

With an increase in working from home it is important that people set up their desk well and also remember to incorporate regular breaks. Tom, Physiotherapist at West Suffolk Physio calls these movement snacks.

As well as getting up and moving away from the screen you can complete some simple chair based exercises:

Neck rotation – turn your head from one side to the other.

Chin tuck – gently nod your head. Try not to look down. You may feel a stretch in the back of your neck.

Shoulder stretch – reach across your body with one arm and support with the other. Repeat on both sides

Upper back stretch – link your fingers and reach your arms out in front. Push your shoulders forward, stretching the arms diagonally down.

Shoulder Shrugs – start by sitting tall with relaxed shoulders. Shrug your shoulders up then down.

Wrist movements – link your fingers, Roll your wrist in full circle.

These are some suggested exercises which should not give or increase any pain that you may have. If you feel that you may benefit from further advice or guidance, contact Tom Lockwood, Physiotherapist.

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