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Exercising In The Winter Months!

Psst….I want to share a secret with you all….

Each winter I use to make excuses, I’d tell myself ‘I don’t feel safe exercising in the dark’ or ‘I don’t like the cold weather’. Yes, it can be easy to make these excuses as the evenings get darker, the temperature gets colder and those seasonal blues start to kick in. DON’T! Join me and stay active through the winter and I can guarantee one thing…you will feel amazing!

Research shows that when people take a break from their fitness routines during the winter months, they experience the following:

  • You will find it harder to lose the winter weight gained even when you start exercising again.
  • If you do not exercise within three to six months you go back to ‘couch potato’ fitness level.
  • You decrease by 20 percent in cardiopulmonary fitness within three to eight weeks of not exercising.
  • All progress made over time is lost.

Embrace The Outdoors In The Winter!

Did you know you burn more calories exercising in the cold as your body is working harder to keep you warm (bonus!)?! Ensuring that you warm up correctly and cool down is still as equally important whatever season it is, but following these simple tips your winter workout may be more motivating and comfortable for you.

Keep these tips in your mind:

  • Layer your clothing…this is key! It is much easier to remove light layers than it is to add. If you become too hot whilst exercising you can remove and when you become too cold you can add. Easy as that!
  • Don’t forget about your head, hands and feet…when it is cold blood flow is concentrated in your body’s core, leaving your head, hands and feet vulnerable to frostbite. Ensure you have winter friendly head wear, gloves and footwear.
  • Safety gear…Do not forget about your safety in the winter months, wear reflective clothing, stick to well-lit areas, exercise in groups and ensure you have appropriate footwear when icy. If you are also riding a bike make sure you have got working headlights and taillights.
  • Keep moving…stopping for a break results in your body cooling down very quickly in the cold, making it harder for you. So keep those exercise juices flowing!
  • H20…drinking water in the winter is just as important as it is in the warmer months, remember to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

There are also some more great tips on keeping you safe in the winter whilst exercising on the following links:




If this still hasn’t convinced you to keep exercising outdoors why not try some alternatives, such as:

If you would like some more advice on how you can stay fit and healthy this winter please feel free to contact the clinic by Clicking Here .

Now come on, what’s stopping you?! Join me on staying fit and healthy this winter!

Abbie Johnson, Clinic Administrator

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