Respiratory Services

Do you have difficulty catching your breath?

Do you get shortness of breath out of proportion to your fitness?

Do you breathe fast and get dizzy when you are anxious or exert yourself?

Do you struggle to breathe in deeply or find yourself sighing/ yawning a lot?

Do you get fatigue/tiredness as a result of your breathlessness?

Many people find breathing in a controlled relaxed way a challenge. Chest infections, trauma, anxiety and lung conditions can alter the way we breathe and lead to feelings of ‘air hunger’. Our physiotherapy team can assist you to improve your breathing using a variety of techniques including breathing exercises, inspiratory muscle training, cough suppression management and relaxation strategies. 

Do you have difficulty clearing secretions?

Do you have recurrent chest infections?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you may benefit from an assessment from one of our specially trained respiratory physiotherapists. We can assess you to help you to develop the skills needed to manage your chest more effectively.


Give yourself a chance to breathe comfortably and effectively


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