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Sports Injuries

Many people take part in a wide variety of physical exercise and sport. This places extra demands on our bodies which may lead to injury. Our clinic can help prevent, diagnose, treat, manage and rehabilitate your injuries. We also offer support to help you through your training and lead up to an event. We might also have to look at the kit and equipment you use in case this is a factor in injury exacerbation. For example we can put your bike on our turbo trainer and look at how you and the bike operate together or we can look at footwear to see if it suitable considering your specific biomechanics and the level you are training and competing at.

We have fostered a close working relationship with the local hospitals orthopaedic department especially with those consultants that perform specialised advanced knee ligament surgery and can guide you safely through the post-operative rehabilitation process in order that you gain the confidence and strength needed to return to sport.

 Being able to participate in sport is central to many clients’ lifestyles and we endeavour to work closely with you to optimise your performance and enable you to enjoy your chosen pursuits for years ahead.

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