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'Staff are super professional and friendly. You get an excellent service as soon as you walk in they greet you with a smile. I always felt comfortable as soon as I walked in. The staff are very kind and knowledgeable. They do brilliant assessment and manual therapy. They communicate well with me, I was always treated well & well looked after. Thank you again to the brilliant team! I highly recommend them.''
M. Talusan
'I would like to show my appreciation for the fantastic treatment and advice Sophie has given me over the past 2 months. Pain free, more movement and great advice. Also Abbie is very tentative and always willing to help with your appointment. I would not hesitate to recommend WS Physio to all my friends!''
J. Bray
''I found the staff at WSP to be very friendly and professional. The research they performed between sessions was very apparent. This, along with the explanations of why the program would help me, managed to convince an old sceptic to give them a go ... and they worked!''
'The reception staff are efficient and welcoming. The standard of care given by the physiotherapist was amazing. This service gave me something ‘over and above’ the free NHS physio treatment.

I believe this service could benefit anyone who has tried standard NHS physio but has ongoing problems that have yet not been resolved. For me, it has given me a much higher level of care than the good but basic treatments received from NHS physios but it also gives more confidence because it is linked to NHS.

Surely it can only be a good thing for people who want to pay for this level of service to have the choice and to know that the service exists.I know that there are people who can afford to pay and would like to pay, knowing that they benefit and so does the local hospital. I am so pleased that I found this service and I have had so much help and encouragement and a definite improvement. I would highly recommend WS Physio to family and friends.''
“Zoe, mainly I want to say a very big ‘thank you’ for all the help you have given me. You have given me so much help and I wish I could have come to you ages ago. There must be so many people like me, who want more than the basic free sessions currently offered by the NHS. It’s good for patients with more complex or long-standing problems to be offered a choice.”
"Very efficient booking and attendance process. Professional and helpful physiotherapist. Has certainly helped my recovery. Very satisfied!"
T. Reay-glover
"Excellent, thorough and professional service from a very positive team!"
D. Cooke
"Great service, managed to book an appointment straight away."
M. Wilson
"The service has been excellent. You have made me feel very welcome and at ease. Definitely will be coming back."
E. Willet
"I could not be happier with the service I received. Upon arrival I was warmly welcomed by Alison (the receptionist), and she immediately asked how my day had been and offered a tea/coffee...The entire atmosphere was very relaxed and professional with personal touch. Sophie and Alison were both polite and friendly. Overall this made for a lovely experience and I would definitely return without hesitation."
A. Buxton
"Could get the appointment that I wanted straight away and very impressed with the gym."
"Sheila was incredibly helpful and understanding. I really appreciate all she did for me."
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